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Welcome to Mystical tale pvt ltd

Mystical Tale Pvt Ltd was founded by Soujanya Pasumarthi. At Mystical Tale, our mission is to take Indian culture to today’s children in exciting, innovative, and meaningful ways. We design and manufacture board games and card games that draw from the deep well of Indian culture, philosophy, and spirituality to leave children and their parents with a more direct appreciation of multiple aspects of our diverse lived culture.. It is a pioneer in mythology, morality, and STEM-based storytelling, shloka (Bala-Siksha Holistic Character Building and Child Development Programme), public speaking, language classes and workshops for parents and children, and a children's yoga academy. simplifies the educational process. It serves as a global platform for online education and a one-stop shop for all children's needs. Pass on the timeless Indian traditions with scientific reasons for your children. Soujanya takes charge of introducing kids to their roots. Her classes have reached out to kids all over India and in countries like the USA, Singapore, the UK, and Australia. Parents are so thrilled and share that it has deepened their child's understanding of Indian roots along with broadening their world vision.


Vision To enable personal transformation in every individual through samskriti (culture, heritage), samskara (values and virtues), and samskratam (knowledge system )

Regular Classes 

We are happy to host a variety of online programs on cultural storytelling (mythology, moral stories) and shloka curriculum (Bala -Siksha holistic character building and child development program) with interactive sessions and room for open expressions and thoughts

Kids Workshops

The joy of learning is multi-fold when done in physical setting involving game-based yet reflective approaches. This is precisely what we do through our  Workshops like Dasavatara storytelling with clay crafting for each Avatara Vahana Workshop with crafts 

Dharmic Parenting & Workshop for Parents

A webinar series that aims to educate parents on how to adopt dharmic values and practices in their parenting practices. The series host speakers who are experts of different domains in Indian Knowledge Systems

Indian Culture Card Game

Guess Me Ramayan 2 in 1 Card Game (Budget game )

our 2-1 budget-friendly card game this festive season. This is the best card game for gifting to your little ones.This kit will include e-coloring pages for The Ramayana Story.

Indian Culture Board Game

Nav Durga Quest A-2 in 1 Family Dice Board Game 

 First Ever Nav Durga Based Board Game 

 Nav Durga Quest board game information

The entire family may have fun playing this board game. It can be an entertaining approach for kids to learn about this magnificent epic because of its focus on the story of Nav Durga and the the way we celebrate Navratri in different parts of India., shlokas about each Navdurga . Adults can also enjoy the game.
It is a board game that comes in a single packaging with two different methods to play it. Players will run into Nav Durga forma throughout the game

Our Books

Mumma, Papa, teach me a shloka!

First first story-oriented shloka book with meaning and scientific explanations.

Siri was really interested in Shlokas, so one day, out of her curiosity, she finally asked her mom and dad about them. This Children’s book has two objectives. The first one is to help parents introduce their children to the shlokas in an easy and fun way. The second aim is to create a positive outlook in children towards shlokas. The author Soujanya Pasumarthi delivers an imaginative interpretation of shlokas that parents frequently use, and their children never really got until now.

Hanuman Chalisa For Kids And Beginners : With Word-by-Word meaning and illustrations for easy understanding with activity

*The goal of this book is to make the Hanuman Chalisa accessible to both children and adults in modern times with an appropriate illustration to catch the child's imagination. Each term is clearly explained in simple English with word-by-word meaning, and every line is translated into English. The purpose behind each line of the verses is further elucidated. The narrative will captivate young readers and help them rediscover their roots in India and Hinduism. All the difficulties and pains are removed for those who invoke the all-powerful Hanuman: Sankat katai mitai sab peera, Jo sumirai Hanumat balbeera.*

Tangible Outcomes

With Mystical tale

Focus and Concentration







Confidence and Self-Worth


Hear the interesting stories from our Users

My daughter understood the stories too and she narrated them to us so excitedly…enjoyed the crafts a lot.  The way u explained was so good and the topics were so good  Even i came to know about these vahanas after listening to your classes  These are so informative and would like to join in your  future sessions mam.  -  Sowmya Ramini

Thanks a lot for  storytelling session mystical tale team . You did a great job 👏🏻 kids enjoyed the craft sessions ( learnt how to use new materials and to draw ) and story sessions were informative such that it inspires young minds .. 😍. - Preeti

I first  thought it might be not easy for my daughter who's less than 4 years ,but your class made me realize what she is capable of .. Big thanks to you for engaging my daughter ,you made it easy for them to learn with visuals of Shloka &stories .You are flexible with class timings and made it easy for my daughter to learn ,A big thanks to you  mam . -  Priya Harish 

Both storytellling classes and shloka classes are very interesting and kid friendly . we are waiting for every weekend for your sessions.😍. - Yashoda 

The way you tell the stories faboulous and interesting .My daughter enjoyed crafts and actively participated in the story telling sessions. -  Srilekha Dilip 

All the sessions were very nice storytelling as well as crafts .Thank you so much for organizing VAhana and Dasavatara workshop. - Dr.Rachana


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