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Mystical Tale is a place for your kids to learn about the timeless beauty and wisdom of the Indian Culture i.e. Sanātana Dharma in a fun way. A place where they’ll discover and learn about their culture, the traditions, the rituals through engaging stories like Mythology , Moral Stories ,STEM based stories , games and activities delivered through monthly online classes and fun printable activity books.

Most importantly, it’s a place that will build upon the foundation you have already laid for them with so much love.Most of the viral content these days across most of the platforms is pointless and devoid of any learning. This affects kids the most. Kids used to rely on their elders to teach them moral values by telling them stories, stories which were crafted carefully to ensure learning through entertainment. Nowadays kids spend more time in front of screens consuming so much meaningless content that it should worry any parent.

At Mystical Tale we are committed to going back to our roots and bringing back the stories from our glorious past in order to introduce our future generations to our rich heritage and also help them become better human beings by educating them practical life lessons through these stories. We are not only repackaging our ancient content in order to convert ancient knowledge into modern wisdom, we are also introducing fun activities like puzzles, games, toys etc inspired by these stories. This will make our future generations not only more aware and proud of our glorious culture, it will also make it fun.

Online extracurriculars for your kids. Why online? Easy. Great teachers, superb lessons, children interacting with other great minds and from the comfort of your home. Our kids create in our classes. They draw, express, enjoy, communicate, sing; with almost no parent intervention.Let's make being parent rewarding. Let's spark your child's learning.

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