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INDIC Storytelling classes

Transform Your Child's Life with Inspiring INDIC Stories (mythology ,moral), Indian culture, sprituality  and Cultivate Dharmic Values, Imagination, Awareness, Emotional Intelligence , Focus & Concentration, Stress Management, and Building Confidence 

This 60 week programme aims at empowering your child with 60 Super Seeds - each seed being a *powerful habit* which will transform them. The life skills imparted in this course trigger an inner ignition which will motivate them and make them better at everything they do, with mythology and moral stories

Instructor: Soujanya PasumarthiLanguage: English


The stories  shared in the course have helped my child manage anger, & be more calm & relaxed. The stories are very captivating & relatable. We discuss  them over & over again!

By pradeep's Mother

This is what we should really teach our kids. These are life skills  with that every individual must have, & giving them to our kids from a young age makes sense.

By Riyanshi's Mother

Cultural values through the stories from Itihasas and Puranas were narrated . Attending these sessions makes me feel happy. We proudly identify ourselves as a part of Mystical Tale Family 

By Sourishi's mother 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)I have tried to answer all the possible questions that you may have. You can call on +91 9321838827 for any further query and assistance.

How do i signup ? 

Contact us on 9321838827 or whatsApp us for the signup.

How long are the sessions for ? 

The sessions are for 30 minutes signup, weekly twice

How will the sessions happen ? 

Sessions are conducted Live on the zoom platform.

How do i change or cancel my order ? 

with in 12 hours

What is the medium of communication in the session ? 

The medium of communication is English, but we promote children to speak in their native language with other children sharing the same native language!

What makes INDIC storytelling classes unique? 

The program makes Indic stories a routine in your child's life. The effects of this will result culture,sprituality and Cultivate Dharmic Values, Imagination, Awareness, Emotional Intelligence , Focus & Concentration, Stress Management, Building Confidenceand deeper rooting in Indian culture.


Date & Schedule

When : Starting May 28th, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM - 10:40 AM IST (Indian Batch)

NRI Batch: Contact on 9321838827
Days : Every Saturday & Sunday
Where : Online on Zoom
Eligibility : 2.5 +Years and up
(age-appropriate classes and curriculum)

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